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Each Guardian club will produce the following youth-developed tools for transformative changes:

  • Digital apps focused on community-based problem solving

  • A research protocol that identifies community gatekeepers, outlines community values, and defines community research questions.

  • Social media products

    • Interactive webpages

    • Social media posts to engage youth audiences and educate local, regional, and national viewers

    • Online historical chronicles

  • A Talking Drum Podcast

  • Digital Storytelling Archive of community members’ stories of triumph and history

  • Curated Living Museum of Cultural Artifacts in virtual reality that includes neighborhood mapping

  • Black History Course Curricula

  • AfricaTown

  • Atlanta

  • Baltimore

  • Chicago

  • Brooklyn

  • Houston

  • Long Island

  • Milpitas

  • Mobile

  • AfricaTown, Montgomery

  • New Orleans

  • Salvador, Brazil

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil 

  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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