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Nikole Hannah-Jones Calls for Slavery Reparations 

March 2022, International Day of Remembrance, United Nation

Africans are stolen and brought to Brazil.

They resisted from the walk of the interior to the coast, on the boats and on the water.


Brazil’s Kilombolas. Palmares, an African settlement begins and last for 90 years. 


Yanga (an African) leads a successful revolt against the Spaniards in Mexico


Maroons of Cuba, British & French Guyana, United States. Fought over 50 years for freedom. Suriname “Bush Negroes”


Stolen Africans are brought to the U.S. (Virginia colony)


Jamaican rebellion freed 400 who joined the Leeward Maroons. These maroons lived in ravines and caves. These maroons lived in ravines and caves.


New York City. 23 Africans rebelled and killed 9 whites. Led to harsher laws.


Queen Nanny (Jamaica) helped nearly 1,000 enslaved Africans escape during her lifetime.


Stono Rebellion (South Carolina). 20 Africans procured firearms and ammunitions. Led over 100 on a march screaming “Liberty” before it was quelled. As a result, they could no longer grow their own food, assemble, or make money.


Tacky’s Rebellion. Akan, Ashanti, and Coromantee enslaved Africans rebelled in Jamaica. Lasted over several months before maroons helped the British end the revolt.


Haitian Revolution. Enslaved Africans overthrew the French & British. Lasted 4 years. Led to first independent country founded and governed by formerly enslaved Africans. First “Free Black Republic” in the West.


Barbados. “Bussa” commanded 400 enslaved men and women over 3 days before defeat.


Nat Turner’s Rebellion. Turner led nearly 100 enslaved Africans before being killed.


Baptists Revolt in Jamaica. 11-day revolt involved over 60,000 enslaved Africans.

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